Learn About Insurance and Financial Sales Positions

About Insurance and Financial Sales Positions

The views expressed by each financial professional are based on his or her personal experiences and opinions. An individual’s own abilities, dedication, and achievements will have a direct impact on his or her success in the Financial Professional Associate position, potential for professional growth, and opportunities for other careers at The Prudential Insurance Company of America.

The "Going from Student to Professional" Challenge

Challenges are the stuff of life. They make us stronger and smarter. They create opportunity, prepare us for tomorrow, and show us the way forward. If you're ready for the next challenge, we're ready for you.

Here at The Prudential Insurance Company of America, we've been in the business of challenges for over 135 years. Our customers depend on us to respond to their changing needs with suitable insurance and financial solutions. They trust our Financial Professional Associates (FPAs) with their investments, retirement plans, and lifestyle goals. It's a big responsibility ... and an exceptional opportunity for the right person.

Becoming an FPA can be the beginning of a satisfying career that can take you very far. We'll help you each step of the way by providing the resources necessary to build a successful future in financial services. Joining the Prudential team means having access to our comprehensive training, marketing tools, lead-generation programs, and industry-leading technologies.

Caroline Feeney, CLU®, ChFC®
President, Agency Distribution


The "I Want a Career, Not Just a Job" Challenge

Your first 12 to 18 months at The Prudential Insurance Company of America will involve extensive training and opportunities to work with proven leaders and financial professionals to gain hands-on experience. Once you meet that challenge, you can begin to explore the career path that best fits your strengths, interests, and goals.

Financial Professional - After approximately two years, FPAs graduate to Financial Professional status and continue to build on their skills and knowledge. This role can prove to be a satisfying and rewarding long-term career, with opportunities to specialize in particular product lines or concentrations. For example, some Financial Professionals choose to become experts in the areas of retirement or estate planning needs, whereas others choose to remain generalists. Others may choose to hire additional product or marketing specialists to expand their practice even further.

Financial Planner - Financial Planners work with clients to create comprehensive, integrated strategies for asset management and protection. This career path offers the opportunity to gain additional registrations (e.g., Series 7), sell additional types of products, and increase overall earning potential. Most Financial Planners will have at least two years of experience as Financial Professionals before embarking on this track, which can lead to a full-service practice with a team of employees (Marketing Assistants, Associate Financial Professionals, Junior Partners, and others).

Management - Talented, high-potential individuals can take advantage of our formal Management Development Program which provides a complete immersion into the intricacies of a management career. Learning experiences will include recruiting, leadership training, operational strategies, and more. A variety of management positions exist at the agency level, including Managing Director; Operations and Controls Manager; Manager, Financial Services; Manager, Agency Training; and Agency Recruiter.

Home Office - A number of unique career paths are offered at our Home Office. The opportunities are varied for experienced, top-performing professionals who want a greater scope of influence within the organization. Both client-facing and behind-the-scenes positions are available.

Insurance is issued by The Prudential Insurance Company of America and its affiliates. Investment advisory services are offered through Prudential Financial Planning Services, a division of Pruco Securities, LLC. Each is a Prudential Financial company that is solely responsible for its respective financial condition and contractual obligations.


What to Expect

Hiring a Financial Professional Associate (FPA) candidate at The Prudential Insurance Company of America is something we take seriously. It's important that we hire people who can make the most of what we have to offer.

Not only do we make a large investment in training and licensing for every new FPA, we put our reputation for service, quality, and integrity on the line. To meet the challenge of hiring the best and the brightest, we have designed a thorough process to objectively predict your potential for success within our dynamic sales organization.

We also do everything we can to ensure that this process is a positive experience for you, starting with an easy online submission. Simply review open positions, complete our quick candidate profile, and attach your resume. If your qualifications are a good match, our reliable, step-by-step hiring process will soon be underway:

  1. Introductory Meeting - This meeting will connect you with a manager in a specific location, who will explain what the FPA position entails and what will be expected from you. After hearing the details, you can then decide if you want to proceed in our hiring process.
  2. Assessment Phase - During this phase, you'll take a series of tests designed to assess your knowledge, skills, and aptitude in a variety of key areas that can help determine your potential for success as an FPA.
  3. Career Presentation Meeting - This important meeting with a manager will provide you with realistic expectations for your performance and how your success as an FPA will be measured and rewarded.
  4. Candidate Natural Marketing Plan - This exercise helps a candidate determine if they has access to a natural market that they will target as they progress in their career.
  5. Structured Interview - The objective of this interview is for a manager to analyze your potential for prospecting, networking and building relationships. He or she will evaluate your natural sales skills by exploring your past experiences and your ideas for creating and developing sales opportunities.
  6. Candidate enters Pre-Contract Affiliation Phase - During this phase, a candidate receives help to pass all licensing exams and completes ALL required generic training.
  7. Candidate enters Contract Associate Phase - During this phase, the candidate gains practical selling experience; learns to run client meetings, earn baseline GDR production, and performs prospecting - find people, phoning, schedule appointments.
  8. Candidate transitions to full-time FPA - At this transition point, the candidate completes remaining product training and continues joint work as they progress into their career.

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A Winning Internship

Our internship leads to becoming a Financial Professional with Prudential, a company whose name and distinctive “Rock” symbol are among the most widely recognized in the United States. In an environment of excellence, you can become a highly knowledgeable advocate for the financial health and wellbeing of individuals, families, groups, and entities.

Interns are mentored by experienced leaders who are excited to convey their knowledge and support your entry into the profession. The program provides you with access to successful financial professionals who will bring you into their work environment and help you to forge the beginning of a network of professional alliances. The internship will also show you how marketing, research, sales, and financial knowledge link to create a rewarding and meaningful career.

Admission Requirements Program Curriculum
Applicants must be enrolled in an undergraduate program and maintain a GPA of 3.0 or better. The 52-week internship is offered annually in more than 50 U.S. locations.

Expected participation is full- or part- time during the summer beginning in May or June and 5 to 10 hours per week during the school year.
Interns will observe financial professionals on-the-job and receive formal coaching from them. They will conduct broad-scale marketing campaigns and gain experience in performing demographic research.

By participating in the Financial Professional Associate Internship, you'll distinguish yourself from other job candidates by attaining a highly marketable skill and experience with a company whose long history is a testament to the quality of service it has provided its customers. Your particular knowledge will be attractive to prospective employers and useful to yourself and others-no matter what profession you ultimately choose.

Will you meet us for the challenge?


The "I Want What Is Best for You" Challenge

College is over ... and someone you care about needs to make a big decision about his or her future. You're proud, but you're also apprehensive. You know how challenging it is to go out on your own and take on the world. That's why you can feel good about career opportunities at The Prudential Insurance Company of America.

You're likely familiar with us as one of the most recognized names in the United States. We have one of the most recognized brands in the United States: The Rock®, an icon of strength, stability, expertise, and innovation. We are known for our ability to deliver on our promises to our customers.

Our Financial Professional Associates (FPAs) truly make a difference in people's lives by helping them achieve their goals for financial health and security. It's a big responsibility and an exceptional career opportunity with a lot to offer:

  • Top-notch benefits, and ongoing professional development plans
  • Formal mentoring programs to help new hires integrate into our environment
  • Work/life balance programs that encourage personal and professional satisfaction
  • Steady career path in a growing company with dozens of U.S. locations