Campus Recruiting Overview

Whitney speech
Associate Manager, Communications
PR & Marketing
Woodbridge, NJ

"My internship experience at Prudential was really amazing. I was able to meet people from across different departments, and to really understand that Prudential is a progressive company. "

Get Ready to Rock Your Career

Why start at the bottom, when you can start at The Rock®? You want the chance to step in, step up, and stand out effectively—at a global leader with a great track record for workplace, training, diversity, and community service initiatives. At Prudential, we give you the opportunities and the support you need to do just that. We recognize that our newest recruits are the future of Prudential, and we take great measures to prepare you to assume a leadership role.

We look forward to receiving your application to evaluate your candidacy. Please make sure to also follow your on-campus process where appropriate. We wish you the best of luck in launching your career!