Black Leadership Forum (BLF)

Black Leadership Forum logo
The BLF was launched in 2003 to enhance the professional development of Prudential's Black employees at all levels and support the company's diversity efforts (i.e., recruitment, retention, and multicultural marketing). The BLF achieves its goals through mentoring, awareness initiatives, and educational and marketing efforts as supported by the Prudential organization.

Business Resource Groups Since 1993, many of our employees have been coming together in Business Resource Groups (BRGs). These groups, which are open to all employees, serve as networks for promoting individual professional development, while helping the company achieve its business objectives. Because we believe BRGs can benefit the organization in many ways, Prudential created a vehicle for them to operate within the company, through the Equal Opportunity/Diversity Office within Corporate Human Resources. This office provides guidance to BRGs regarding the ways in which they operate, and their alignment with enterprise-wide objectives and diversity strategy—which currently include professional development, business integration, and community involvement.

Our BRGs provide unique opportunities for employees to demonstrate and strengthen their leadership ability. The firm's Equal Opportunity/Diversity Office regularly hosts meetings and workshops for members of BRG leadership teams to share best practices, cross-collaborate, and enhance leadership skills.